Start Dating someone with kids pro and cons

Dating someone with kids pro and cons

Can you imagine all the perks that it would come with? Check it out: Of course, a lot of those “free” perks up there really aren’t free since they’re all factored into your daily rate and what not (except for the parties – that’s worked out all on your own, pimp) but when you put it all together it sure does come out exciting.

It was sweet to invite friends over for some hot tub time tho.

Living in hotels is super common, people reading this article are imagining best western and la quinta and the like. People who live in hotels are generally drug addicts, there’s no hot tub, there no concierge there’s no room service. There are many reasons your kids can be removed; you don’t have to do anything wrong if you have an ex spouse or someone who is willing to go to any length.

My son was removed when he was 14 because “I wanted to be his friend and not his mother” Anyone with a teen knows that’s when they want to act out; first his thing was I wasn’t working so I couldn’t support him (was temp disabled)so I went back to work; then it was I was working and couldn’t watch him.

Check it: We spend roughly $2200 on our mortgages every month, $300 or so on utilities (including cable & internet), then another $125 in homeowner association fees, random ass repairs (we’ll call that $200 a month on average) furniture to fill the house, and on and on and on.

So conservatively, we spend about $2800 to live out of this damn house (!!!! Divide that by 30 and we’re basically spending $93.00 every SINGLE day to sleep here. And in case you haven’t guessed yet, we could rent a hotel room for the same cost, if not less!

They probably had the cleanest “dorm rooms” on campus. Once as the result of not being able to find a decent apartment after he and his girlfriend broke up.

And once (a much longer stay) as the result of a house fire.

all in all it was a sweet time to be in a hotel but I wouldnt want that for my daily life.