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The status of classic style in the French-speaking world as a routine, automatic, culturally privileged style, taught in the schools, deliberately acquired, associated with the greatest French writers, helps American students see that the ease with which they fall into a style is largely a matter of their cultural biography, and that the unconscious styles they have acquired, which seem to them inseparable from their identity, are stands that can be exchanged.

As students learn to write in classic style, their adoption of the classic stand becomes, by degrees and in pulses, more and more thorough.

The assumed scene of classic style displaces ever more effectively the real scene.

Classic style is elastic over personalities, allowing the student to develop an individual style that is none the less classic for being individual. Classic style offers the student exceptional pleasure since it is flattering to the writer, flattering to the reader, and intellectually collusive.

It takes the stand that there is no external pressure on the writer and certainly nothing that the writer is trying to beat out of the reader - a grade, a letter of recommendation, a contract.

Burr Artz Library A presentation of self, 1 A presentation of Self, 2 A presentation of Self, 3 A fictional presentation of Self A presentation of Self, 4 England Victoria A classic obituary of Anne Boleyn A classic obituary of Bonnie Parker A classic obituary of Faye Dunaway Jesse Ventura Guide To Inexpensive Hotels Of Europe Fried Chicken Letter from Burkina Faso Dear Jessica Dear Jessica II Dear Lara L'Université de Fribourg Forks Summer Time Clearing 11800 Twinlakes Drive Tanzanian Peaberry coffee beans My Neighborhood Fairmont Street, Bethesda The Welch's Grape Girl Related Exhibits and Gallerys Gallery: Non-Classic Voices in Classic Texts Contemplative contrasted to classic, 1 Julien Green and A. This course and the book that grew out of it teach an activity, not a content.

" "Les Enfants Gâtés" "Progress" "Austerlitz" The Student Gallery of Classic Presentations The C. Contemplative contrasted to classic, 2 Julien Green and A. Affiliate Museums "The Mandarin Style" Kenneth Clark "The Official Style" Richard Lanham "The School Style" Richard Lanham "Clear and Not Commonplace" Aristotle "Deliberative Style and Judicial Style" Aristotle "Reference Style" "The Devil's Reading List" Stephen Cox Mystery and Style Thomas and Turner Learning to write in a style is learning an activity - like playing the violin, sprinting, pole-vaulting, sparring, riding a horse.

We use the trick of prohibiting students after the first few weeks from mentioning surface features in their stylistic analyses, and requiring them instead to begin an analysis by answering the questions on page 22 of the book.

We maintain this proscription until the danger seems to have passed.

Presentation versus Description Assumed Stand versus Real Situation The Reading Daybook (Todd Oakley) The Sketchbook (Todd Oakley) Contrast, 1 (Michael Schoop) Contrast, 2 A Suite of Writing Assignments Additions To The Permanent Collection of Classic Presentations Pope Francis as a Classic Stylist The Gallery of Miniatures "Moral Portraiture" Tony Judt. This unfamiliarity with writing in classic style actually makes it easier for the student to recognize that classic style is a style, to detect the classic stand, and to practice classic style without sliding into intuitive and unconscious but poorly developed or incoherent former versions of it.

Fontenay and the Cistercian School "The Rats on the Waterfront" Joseph Mitchell "Lotteryville, USA" Kim Phillips "The Marburg Virus" Richard Preston. Although there are many distinguished classic writers who work in English, and although workaday classic style is widely used in journalism, advertising, and instruction in English, classic style is not a routine style in the English-speaking world and is almost never taught in its schools.

Students appear to do a great deal of conceptual work during this month, but not to flower until the fifth or sixth week.